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Can Nutrition Help Reduce Pain?

Everything you eat and drink can either help or cause more pain.  This is especially important if you are healing. Here are some simple changes that can be made in your nutrition that can have a big impact and reduce pain.

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I'm Often in Pain at Work - What I Can I Do?

Considering the average person works 40+ hours a week, how you are positioned during those 40 hours has a big impact on your body.  Do what you can to protect yourself while you are healing and over time!

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Did You Know Your Child's Backpack Can Cause Chronic Back Pain?

Backpacks may seem like an insignificant item, but it can have a huge impact on your child’s body during important years of physical development.  An overloaded, heavy backpack carried on one shoulder day after day for years can cause a lot of pain now, as well as long term issues.

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Can Pregnant Women Be Treated with Chiropractic?

How Would that treatment provide benefit for them or their babies? Yes, pregnant moms can be treated with chiropractic care. One common issue during pregnancy is back pain. Many times, this is due to unequal strees on the spinal structures, which can lead to imbalance or torqueing of the spinal joints.

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Can Children Be Treated with Chiropractic Care?

All humans have spines, and even newborns can have spinal issues. Just think of how difficult it would be force you to go through the birth process, to learn to walk (and fall a thousand times), and to go through all of the jars and jolts of childhood. Dr. Post has worked with patients from one (1) day old, to one hundred and one years old!

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